Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Notice

You're welcome to stay with Immediate Cash Advance just in case you accept the website's Terms and Conditions. In order to be sure that you simply consent to this section, be cautious while getting acquainted with all details. You're advised to depart the website without visiting it anymore, should you disagree with something.

Who's entitled to payday loans?

In line with the US laws that is present merely those who are over 18 can not are unable to submit an application for payday advance.


Being a real mediator company, which works with a big network of direct lenders, we perform the job of locating the very best fit for our customers. While picking the most suitable borrower or customer applying for payday loans we work only with reputable lenders and take into account the necessities of both sides.


Our objective is always to meet our customers by providing them the very best quality services locating just what they want. Among the large number of lenders we are dealing with, we will fit you together with the most appropriate one taking into account the desirable stipulations.

Personal Data

In order to be qualified for the payday loan online, all customers offer the following personal information and should satisfy exactly the same conditions:

  • Complete Name.

  • Address.

  • Passport details.

  • Income info.

  • Contacts.

All information that is needed is fundamental as you can see. It is crucial for the procedure of being qualified for the payday advance.

Group of Personal Information

As we never practice sharing our customers' details with any third parties, don't worry about the safety of your private data. When you fill in the essential information in your application form, it's gathered so that you can get the very best direct lender for you personally.

Info Use

We don't have an intention except finding the very best acceptable direct lender, who'll match you in terms and conditions, to use your advice in some other manner. We require only information that is important for the processing of qualifying you for the payday advance, throughout the task.

You could be sure our mediator business is not going to share your personal information with anybody except the network of direct lenders who get your personal details, which are crucial for their ultimate decision concerning your payday loan.

Processing of Application

Customers' private information has been processed during several minutes really and it is approved by the direct lender on the basis of the supplied details in the application form. The most frequent situation is when both customers and lenders sign the contract being fulfilled with the deal that is supplied.